COMA Studio is Emma Disbergen, Joca van der Horst and Carola Brus.
After discovering a common fascination with the future of fashion, we, three Industrial Design students from the Eindhoven University of Technology, joined forces.
Our vision? To save the world from the wasteful fast fashion craze and breathe new life into tailor-made apparel. Awakening the craft of sustainable personalization from its COMA.
Thanks to our unique web-based design interface, we are able to provide everyone with custom-made bags, without the additional cost.

Sadly, our bags are not for sale. Yet. Help our dream become reality: show us your interest here


You design, we make. Yes, it’s that simple.
We provide an interface especially designed for you to create your perfect bag. First, specify what kind of objects you carry around in your bag. We will generate recommended pockets for each product. Don’t like them? You can alter the size and fitting of every pocket to your personal taste until you feel that your bag is perfect.


We believe quality is not only about the durability of your bag; it is about the durability of our planet too. Sadly, big retailers often do not care about creating a sustainable world and carelessly throw away fabrics. At COMA, we see this as an opportunity. Our bags are created from the fashion industry’s leftover materials.
Despite being deemed useless, these are just as high quality as the processed material. On top of that, we use laser cutting technology which means our bags are not only waste free, they are waste reducing. Fashion should last, and so should our planet.


We are honest about your bag’s production cycle. We cut and produce our bags locally, which means they are cut and assembled in the area your sustainable fabric originated from.
Wondering where this was? Look at the tag dangling from your bag. It not only shows where the material came from and what it was originally destined to be, it also informs you about its production. We care about your bag’s journey - from the pile of leftover material to your doorstep.

Curious to see this marvelous system in action? Try it yourself!


start creating

Use a tablet or computer to try the customizer. Or sign up and we'll let you know about our app in the future.

How big should the bag be to carry your things?



Every COMA studio bag can be used as a backpack, hand bag and messenger bag.

  • What kind of phone do you use?

    iPhone 6(s) plus
    iPhone 6(s)
    iPhone 4 & 5
    galaxy S6
    oneplus 1
    other phone
  • What is the size of your book?

    other size
  • What kind of wallet do you have?

    men's model
    women's model
  • What do you want to store in this extra-protective pocket?

  • What kind of tablet do you have?

    iPad mini
    msft surface
    galaxy tab
    other tablet
  • Do you use earbuds, or headphones?

  • Thirsty? Choose the size of your bottle

    0.5 liters
    1 liter
    1.5 liters
  • How do you want to carry your keys?

    in a pocket
    on a clip
  • What would you store in the secret smokers pocket?

    chewing gum
  • Some pockets for pens, pencils and accessoiries

    pens & pencils
    pen case
    other things
  • Special pockets, for special items

    old transport tickets
    secret liquor flask
    custom sized pocket
    spare phone charger
    storage for little treasures
  • there are two areas for pockets

    How to add personal pockets?

    choose a type of item in the tabs. Buttons for pockets show up

    drag the pockets to your desired location in the drawing of the bag's inside

Delete pocket
Which fabric do you prefer?

Ready to order the Met Nut bag by COMA studio?

Sadly, it’s still a concept and not available for order. Yet.

With your support, we can prove to investors that we are not the only ones craving sustainable, personalized bags. Sign up and share to show your interest.
And who knows… your perfect bag might just make it to your doorstep one day.